01 March 2011

Blender in Linux

At first glance the above title was a little ridiculous. Reminiscent of the one kitchen appliance that we often use to crush the fruit or vegetable. Blender is not it. But Blender is just a free software that can produce 3D animation and games. Although the free ability not inferior to other 3D software that if we want to use it to outside money. To compare the quality of friends can view the site http://www.sintel.org.

Look at history, in 1988 before this software become free. Blender is used by companies NeoGeo console game developers in the Netherlands. Because no success at that time and eventually went bankrupt. The software has never been touched and developed again. Seeing the potential of animation software Blender as a future promising. Producer, Ton Roosendaal Blender does not want to just disappear swallowed by time. Then he founded the nonprofit organization Blender Foundation. And continue to promote Blender as open source projects and developed until today. On its Web site stated that, Blender will remain free forever. For more details can be accessed at http://blender.org.

Some products are made using Blender animations such as The Elephant Dream, Big Buck Bunny, Sintel (from Blender Foundation) from Indonesia, while there Hebring (mainMotionStudio), Open Interest (OSS Surabaya), Gwen Silent (OSS Yogyakarta). Blender to be one solution to building creative industries in a legal and affordable. Since Blender is OpenSource software that anyone can use and modify without limits under the provisions of the General Public License. Very suitable for use in developing countries that economic growth is still sloping with high piracy rates.

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