23 March 2011

Free in linux Means Freedom

Have you ever heard a statement saying that Linux is free? I'm sure, all computer users, better yet, is being, will be or have been using Linux must have heard this kind of statement.
Is it true that Linux is free??? The answer is NO. It's not about Free. it's FREEDOM

Linux is free, that words is a statements that we often hear. Free if interpreted into another language turns out to have two meanings, which is freedom and free. Freedom and free distinctly different meaning. In fact, Richard Stallman - founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), in his book Free as in FREEDOM - Linux is more linked with the word freedom or independent, rather than free. The term free is more widely used to introduce Linux rather than the word freedom or independent. Because in fact it is easier to offer something for free rather than getting someone to fight to break away from the comfort of an already binding and membelenggunya for decades.

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