19 March 2011

Why many people are reluctant to use Linux?

Why many people are reluctant to use Linux? There are so many causes and reason like Linux is hard, too much text-based commands, the GUI display of his less attractive, and many other reasons that sometimes do not make sense.
Believe me, if you already know Linux, there would be infatuated with Linux. In addition to free, Linux has a lot of hidden potential that we can explore further. If not, why Google behind Stand up for running Linux in its Android product.

Well, make that are still hesitant and not sure what the hell is Linux capabilities is a safe way to try it, namely with the Linux Live CD distro. Distro Live CD does not need to be installed on the computer. Simply insert the CD that contains these distributions on a CD ROM drive, then restart the computer. Thus you do not have to worry if other operating systems that already exist on the computer will be lost.

You are interested to try it out? There are some decent distro you are trying, among other things:

  •      Ubuntu
  •      Knoppix
  •      OpenSuSE
  •      Fedora
  •      Dreamlinux

Just try some of distro Live CD and you will interested :)

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