23 February 2011

Jolicloud OS 1.1.1 Released

An Ubuntu Linux based distibution which specialized for netbook and cluod computing browser, named Jolicloud, has been released with the version 1.1.1. This Jolicloud OS 1.1.1 actually a minor update for previous version which brings support for older NVIDIA graphics cards and other legacy hardware. According to the information from their website, the update was driven because they are received hundreds of stories from people around the world who are dusting off old computers from their garages, turning them into cool Jolicloud computers, and using them as Internet browsing machines, family Skype boxes or donating them to schools. That's why they are dedicated to making Jolicloud OS compatible with all types of legacy hardware. This means that if you have an old computer lying around it is even more likely now that Jolicloud OS will run on it flawlessly. If you own an old Dell computer and had issues to install the 1.1, this new release should fix the issue.

According to information from the Jolicloud website, update contain support for graphical cards bellow:
  • Support for NVIDIA graphics cards 10+ years old including RIVA TNT/TNT2, Vanta, Aladdin and early Quadro and GeForce cards.
  • Enhanced support for NVIDIA graphics cards 5+ years old including early GeForce2/3/4, and Quadro2/4 generations.
  •  Enhanced support for NVIDIA graphics cards 3+ years old including GeForce FX and Quadro FX.

If you want to try Jolicloud OS 1.1.1,  you can download it in Jolicloud website.
Note : The computer at least have 384MB of system memory (RAM)

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